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NIMBLE ONE of Europe Go Green is a very good alternative to the classic tourist transport vehicles as it can easily go even smaller roads often do not reach with common transport vehicles.
It's 100% electrical so there is no driving restrictions, shall be allowed in all forbidden areas to vehicles with conventional engine.



NIMBLE One of Europe Go Green is approved EU , totally electrical, dedicated to tourist sightseeing tours.
NIMBLE One is 100% electric and therefore not subject to the traffic restrictions.
NIMBLE One is very small BUS is also indicated for transfers to hotels, small groups, rental with driver, shuttle services.
Green Friendly - The environmentally friendly NIMBLE One is a zero direct emission vehicle, which means that it emits no harmful toxic emissions, criteria pollutants or harmful greenhouse gases.
ROAD APPROVAL: M2 Class B (bus for seated passengers only) (2007/46/EC)


The NIMBLE One is a large capacity electric vehicle with 17 seats.
Small size of the dimensions in width and length.
Offering excellent comfort thanks to the leaf springs on each wheel and the padded ergonomic seat.
NIMBLE One has an excellent maneuverability thanks to its compact dimensions.
The 72v electrical system and the engine, very efficient and powerful, ensure efficiency and autonomy.
100% Electric - Zero Impact - the total elimination of all residues and particulates through new engines to high performance and large capacity of the LiFePO4 batteries.
OVER 90% of building materials are recyclable.
NOISE POLLUTION ZERO - as to feel the sound of the tire rolling.
MILEAGE: OVER 100 Km without service interruption for battery replacement or recharging with lead-acid batteries, UP TO 150 Km with option lithium batteries.

Whilh the reduction ratio gear at 12.3:1 may exceed uphill roads greater than 20%.
The Dashboard with a range of instruments and indicators that allows the driver complete optimal control of vehicle functions.
The Radio system, Microphone and Windscreen wiper are standard equipment as a complete electrical installation of lights, headlights and turn signals.
Optimized construction of the chassis and the transmission for the use of electric motors for a further reduction of energy consumption.
Design of the chassis optimized for exclusive use on electric motor, which aims to reduce electricity consumption.
MODERN DESIGN style, attractive but non-invasive, suitable for historical centers of many cities of art archaeological areas, natural parks.

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ELECTRIC MOTOR: AC, 72V - 7.5kW Power.
TRANSMISSION: reduction gear ratio 12.3:1
CONTROLLER: Electronic drive for AC motors SEVCON GEN4 550A (with booster up to 650A)
BATTERIES: Lead Acid Battery or LI /Pol.
BRAKES: Hydraulically actuated on the 4 wheels with double circuit, with Anti Lock Braking System ABS - Front: disc - Rear: drum. Parking brake hand operated on the rear wheels.
STEERING: Rack and pinion type, with electric power steering EPS, Turning radius 5.6mt.
DIMENSIONS: length 5900mm - Width 1490mm - Height 2300mm - Wheelbase 3200 mm
MASS (maximum) 1795 kg (in running order with batteries)
MASS (maximum): 3005 kg
WARRANTY: 1 year on the vehicle - 2 years on batteries
SUSPENSIONS: Front MacPherson (with damper unit - coil spring and lower mechanical links independent) - Rear rigid axle with shock absorbers and coil springs, trailing links with elastic fixing and Panhard bar.
BODYWORK: Side Panels and 5-door made of aluminium, frontal, interior and roof in plastic materials (injection moulding and thermoforming); laminated windscreen
PLACES: 17 seats (driver + 16 passengers)
PERFORMANCE: Maximum speed: 45 km / h, autonomy from 100 to 180km with Lead Acid Battery or Li/Pol. (depending on the route, speed and climb), maximum climb 25% (full load)
TIRES: 155/80 R 12
CHARGERS: on board, nr. 2 chargers mod. 72V
STANDARD EQUIPMENT: security system for doors - Electric Power Steering - heating zone front / windscreen demisting - radio CD player with speakers in cabin - aluminium wheels reverse beeper - front and rear lights complete, approved - DC / DC converter - horn - light switch on the steering column - 3-point seat belts for front running seats and seat belts ventral for places march against
COLOURS: white with silver front (standard) other colours (on request).