100% Electric Traction

based on Isuzu L35 Chassis Euro5



The ISUZU L3 N-Evolution converted into electric traction vehicles ** is a very lightweight truck that moves itself to Zero Emissions. Its compact size allows it to go through all the streets in the restricted traffic zone, inside the historic centers, in protected areas, in pedestrian zones (if allowed).

It's the Uniqueness of this new vehicle lies in the power train.

This powertrain is an innovative system (patented internationally) which uses two electric motors with permanent magnets, small and lightweight, coupled together by a system of gears. This design choice allows a greater operational flexibility. The engine control unit is able to activate the two units individually or as a pair according to the demands of the driver.
It can control much better the system overheat getting a return that is higher by 10% compared to conventional single-motor systems.

** The chassis of the vehicle Isuzu L35, is transformed by an Italian company, not by Isuzu. Even after the conversion the vehicle enjoys the official warranty Isuzu for all original parts unprocessed and / or replaced.

Isuzu L35 Electric


Isuzu L3 Electric - Waste Collection

The Full electric conversion is achieved thanks to:

a pair of electric motors connected to the gearbox via a cog system;

a battery pack for the traction a new electronic management system for the functioning of the electric motor and all of the original board systems;
a Touch-screen display that provides real-time all operating parameters (autonomy, charge level, etc. ..)


Three possibility of purchasing:

1 - Purchase the vehicle complete of batteries *
2 - Purchase the vehicle with batteries Rental *
3 - Long term Rental vehicle including batteries *

* Attention: Only chassis without Fitting
* Any special fittings quoted separately.



The drive system is designed, developed and built in Italy and is protected by national and international patents (Italian Patent No. 0001406064 - International Patent No. WO2012 / 157008).
The system provides a maximum torque of 400 Nm and a continuous torque of 285 Nm from 0 to 2800 rpm and a maximum power of 55 kW (79 kW peak).
Small size of the dimensions in width and length.
- Operating efficiency of 93%
- Higher Power/weight ratio 3kW/Kg
- Operating voltages less than 100V (DC).
The Electronic components of the electrification kits, are contained inside a box made of aluminum liquid-cooled.
Inside there are:
Traction inverter
Interface with the original electronic systems of the vehicle (Dashboard, control units active stability control, immobilyzer, etc ..)
Electronic management of the battery packs
DC / DC converter 100Vdc / 12Vdc
Monitoring and electronic BUS high voltage insulation

The vehicle's standard equipment consists of seven LiFePo (Lithium Iron Polymer) battery packs for a total of the 48.3 kWh.
Each group has an electronic charge management system (BMS) and includes:
- Tracking Assistant
- Remote charging control
- Remote diagnostic

Each battery pack is protected by an aluminum box lightened with system of protection against impacts and dust (standard IP67).
The number of battery packs is modular according to customer needs.

Charging times are:
Standard Charging: 0.25C - Fully charged in 5 hours.
Fast charging: up to 1C - from 0% to 80% in 1 hour (With dedicated charger)

The conversion preserves all the features of the original dashboard adding a DISPLAY TOUCH SCREEN that integrates all information related to the electric drive system:
- The vehicle's state of charge status
- State of charge of the traction battery pack
- Malfunction Indicator of the battery pack
- Loss of battery pack insulation indicator
- Power reserve indicator
- Power limitation indicator
- Steering system Indicator
- Selection Standard /ECO mode
- Energy consumption level

The state of charge of the battery pack is also replicated on the vehicle dashboard using the fuel level gauge and the anomalies of the electrical system are indicated on the instrument panel through the MIL icon light.

photos and pictures

Isuzu L35 FUll Electric - Express Courier Fitting


Layout of tranformation


Vehicle specifications
Motor: Full electric system with MRT™ power train
Power: 55 kW at 2.800 rpm
Maximum speed: 90Km/h
Unladen mass: 2.300Kg
Gross weight: 3.500 Kg
Consumption: Up to 2.8 Km/kWh
Autonomy: Up to 130 Km with 48 kWh installed in the vehicle
Powertrain Specifications: Powertrain: MRT™ power train patented - full electric system
Electric motors: 2xPermanent Magnet AC (PMAC), 3 phase Hi-PermMag series
Power: 79 kW + Peak - 54 kW+ Continuous
Torque at output shaft: 285 Nm maximum – 200 Nm continuous from 0 to 2350rpm
Clutch: original clutch
Gearbox: Original gearbox with 5 gears + reverse gear, for a feeling similar at thermal engine
Differential ratio: 1:4,11
Electric power train mass: ≤55kg (gearbox and clutch excluded)
Coolant: Liquid cooled
Motor Efficiency: ≥93%
Operating temperature: -25°C +50° C
Environmental Rating (IP): IP67
Battery specifications
Battery type: LiFePo batteries technology
Nominal voltage: 96Vdc
Nominal capacity: 72Ah (6,91 kWh) each pack – more packs can be connected in parallel to increase the autonomy
Numbers of parallel Standard equipment is 5 packs (34.5kW h) or 7packs (48.3kWh) packs
BMS: Integrated battery management system with shunt, main contactor, fuse and datalogger internal at e ach battery pack.
Dynamic management of parallels c onnections.
Suitable for remote tracking GPS and remote diagnosys systems
Communication: CAN-bus and serial communication
Charge: Standard charge in 0.25C – complete charge in 5 hours.
Fast charge up to 1C – from SOC 0% to SOC 80% in one hour
Temperature sensors: N°10 temperature sensors each battery pack
Safety systems: Main contactor and fuse intern ally at each battery pack - Software and hardware voltage and current protection - Electrical insulation between power and signal connectors - Im pedence DC-bus meter
Connectors: Two separate connectors for signal and power wiring : Hig h voltage con nector: FCS 800 - Low voltage connector: Mole x 19435-1214
Box: INOX steel and Aluminium with anti-shock protection and IP66 rating
Mass: 72kg each battery pack

Other features
Dashboard: Isuzu dashboard and additional 3.5” touch screen display.
Regenerative brake: Dual regenerative system
Profiles: Two different profiles (standard and economy) selectable from the touch screen display
Safety systems: ABS and ESP - Ground fault insulation monitoring - Operator presence
Servo steering: Variable and programmable flow rate
Datalogger: Datalogger with real time clock and event logging