Hybrid Dual-Mode

Innovative and Easy

The Dual-Mode Hybrid vehicle converted maintains the ability to load / capacity and autonomy of the Thermal vehicles (Oil & Gas) by adding the ability to travel to Zero Emissions thanks to the inclusion of a set of electric traction (Motors and Battery) approved and listed on the registration certificate.
This system fits all drive systems (front, rear or 4 wheel drive).


Hybrid Dual-Mode / Two In-Wheel or One Central Elettric Motor

Innovative and Easy

The application of electric motors and the lithium batteries pack in traditional commercial vehicles, without removing the endothermic component, it can maintain the characteristics of autonomy, power and speed required for the transport of goods or passengers, combining them with the needs of reduction of emissions, exhaust gases and noise.
The simple installation of one or two electric motors and a battery pack of reduced capacity and weight, allows you to move easily from the distribution center to the city with the thermal engine, then move on to 100% electric traction for all the operations of delivery of goods in the city center.

Scheme Front-Traction with Hybrid Dual-Mode transformation

The more than 40/45 km of autonomy and the speed of 50 Km / hr allow you to easily manage all the services of the carrying passengers or the daily distribution of goods to ZERO-EMISSION in the city.
The lithium-polymer batteries pack are accommodated in a special container with double protection and positioned (when possible) to the center of the vehicle for the correct weights balancing.
A specific software allows, beyond to the batteries management, the interfacing with the vehicle electronic control unit to maintain all the functions of control and safety systems (ABS, EPS, airbag, etc.).

Scheme Rear-Traction with Hybrid Dual-Mode transformation


The Traction Dual-Mode System consists of installing in addition to the internal combustion engine (gasoline or diesel), one or two electric motors (type In-Wheel - electric motor or electric motor through axle) that allow the march to "Zero Emissions" (zero CO2 emissions, zero exhaust gases, zero PM10, PM2.5 and noise reduced to a minimum).
The simple inclusion of an electric drive system and a battery pack does not decrease the load capacity because it does not increase the weight of the vehicle, allows you to move easily on all roads with the usual range and speed and then switch to 100% electric to circulate in all protected areas, to visit the city in campers or for all operations delivery and pickup of goods or passenger transport in the city center such as the distribution of perishable foods, drinks, etc..

The two solutions are specially designed for all vehicles with front or rear traction.
The Hybrid Dual-Mode with electric In-Wheel motors is specific for front wheel tracrion vehicles, The motors are placed directly on the two rear wheels without modification of the braking system.
The Hybrid Dual-Mode system with an electric motor inserted on the shaft drive is specific to the thermal rear-wheel drive vehicles. Both systems are simple and allow the reduction of processing costs.
This modification gives the same standard features included the load capacity, because the transformation benefits from an excess of weight equal to 10% of the mass limit.
When running on diesel cycle, the electric motors recover part of the energy and recharge the batteries.

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Batteries / Capacity:
Lithium-Polymer / 16 kWh (the capacity can vary according to specific needs.
- 1 x 20 kW nominal three-phase asynchronous or
- 2 x 7.5 kW nominal In-Wheel brushless
Motor with Regenerative braking-energy recovery (opt.).
Autonomy: 45/50 miles per charge cycle (cycle ECE101)
Maximum speed: up to 45 km/h
Climbing capacity in electric: 8% (can be increased if required)
Charging time of batteries: 6/8 hours
Remote Diagnostics System: with GPS and GSM and access Internet
Control panel: with indication of the parameters essential
Heating System: webasto thermic