HORTON by TEKNE is a Bus approved EU , totally electrical, dedicated to tourist sightseeing tours. HORTON in 100% electric version is not subject to the traffic restrictions. HORTON is very small BUS (from 9.00 meters) but transport up to 44 person and can easily move in the city centers, archaeological parks, natural protected areas, etc. Green Friendly - The environmentally friendly HORTON is a zero direct emission vehicle, which means that it emits no harmful toxic emissions, criteria pollutants or harmful greenhouse gases


100% Electric - Zero Impact - the total elimination of all residues and particulates through new engines to high performance and large capacity of the LiFePO4 batteries. OVER 90% of building materials are recyclable.
HIGH CAPACITY TRANSPORT 44 or 68 seats including seat for wheelchair driver and hostess. NOISE POLLUTION ZERO - as to feel the sound of the tire rolling. MILEAGE THAN 180 KM without service interruption for battery replacement or recharging.


MORE THAN 3000 CHARGE CYCLES guaranteed, that is almost 10 years old and the complete battery recycling at end of life cycle. Optimized construction of the chassis and the transmission for the use of electric motors for a further reduction of energy consumption.
REDUCED DIMENSIONS, just 9.00 meters long and less visual impact in the historic centers.
MODERN DESIGN innovative and non-invasive.

Minibus Aternus



Chassis truck model DAF, Braking system with pneumatic control, self ventilating discs on both axes; ABS, ASR, brakeforce; Siemens VDO digital tachograph; Rear air suspension, front parabolic springs; Tyres 265/70R19, 5; M.t.t. 15,000 Kg; front max 5800 Kg; rear max 10,500 kg; Length: 8,495 mm, height 3,860 mm.


Case in stainless steel AISI 304; Sheet metal in AISI 430 stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum alloy Peraluman; Painted in pastel colors of your choice (other finishes optional); Entry door front, central and rear rototranslating pneumatically actuated; Slide manual wheelchair; Horizontal windscreen wiper motor with Bosch; Safety rails on the sides in AISI 304 stainless steel painted in epoxy; Controlled exterior mirrors and electric defrost; Interior rearview mirror; Locker tools;

BAttery Pack container



Interior trim laminate scratch resistant; Marine plywood floor covered with PVC; Coating steps in non-slip material; Sliding windows driver with electric defrost and roller blind; Tent electric windshield; Fixed seats Fainsa Metropolis vandal resistant, safety belt approved; Gianangeli hostess seat covered with fabric or velvet coordinated; Driver seat Isri air suspension; Lighting with 6 halogen spotlights for external Halogen ceiling of ascent and seat; 2 interior speakers 2-way, 6-speaker for outdoor; Multilingual system settings;


Standard Configuration 9 mt. - 42 + place wheelchair disabled, 2 folding seats, driver and hostess; Standard configuration 12 mt. - 66 + place wheelchair disabled driver and hostess;
up to 6 seats for passengers with reduced mobility;

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Electric Traction


AH256-phase asynchronous motor (brushless); Cooled liquid (water + glycol); Type: Rotor Cage Induction; Rated torque 220 Nm; Maximum Torque 450 Nm at 3000 rpm; Max engine rpm 9000 rpm; Power of 70 kW; Peak power of 140 kW; Degree of protection IP56; Weight 130 kg; Connecting to traction through mechanical speed reducer. Motor control with Inverter vector; control model IGBT; DC current 250A; Vector control microprocessor; Degree of protection IP56; Weight 14 kg;

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Battery Pack

Great Performance and Autonomy

BATTERIES - Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cell (LiFePO4); Total voltage of approximately 325 volts; Capacity of 400 Ah for a total of 130 Kw / h; Weight of about 1450 kg; Assembly in a metal container with double anti-shock protection and control; Life time: more than 3000 cycles of charge / discharge; Control battery with BMS (monitoring of individual cells, balancing the tensions, alarms for malfunctions, etc.); BMS interfaced via CAN BUS with control data transmission operation; Batteries exemt from gas fumes both in discharge both in charging (certified for indoor use).