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The new high-performance electric motors and the battery systems with electronic control, now allows to the electric powered Buses to drive distances absolutely compatible with conventional diesel Buses.

The electric Bus is highly efficient and, although more expensive to purchase, it is much cheaper to manage than using diesel and this makes it very competitive compared to conventional diesel Buses.

CITY BUS - 100% Electric - Approved EU M3

e12 is an Electric City Bus, 12 meters long, can carry up to 72 people.

e12 is Green Friendly - it is Environmental's Friend because vehicle with Zero Direct Emissions, which means it does not emit toxic gases, pollutants or GHG.


e12 -  arrangments

MILEAGE UP TO 300 KM, without interruption of service for battery replacement or recharging (upgradeable with other configurations of batteries).

100% ELECTRIC - equipped with the new high-performance electric motors of 120/220 kW and a large-capacity battery pack assembled with cells LiFeSO4 (individually monitored by an innovative system of BMS) and with a life more than 2500 cycles charge.

HIGH CAPACITY 'OF TRANSPORTATION - 72 people with 27 seats and 1 space for a wheelchair.

OPTIMIZED CONSTRUCTION of the Chassis and transmission for the use of electric motors for a further reduction of energy consumption.

ENERGY CONSUMPTION - The e12-double consumes about 1,1 kWh per Km (inclusive heating) and is therefore much economic than a classic diesel bus.

MAINTENANCE COSTS - between 70% to 80% less, compared to diesel bus.

NOISE POLLUTION REDUCED - enough to perceive the sound of tires rolling.

OPTIMIZED CONSTRUCTION of the Chassis and transmission for the use of electric motors for a further reduction of energy consumption.

EUROPEAN APPROVED BUS M3 - According to the specifications 2007/46/EC as amended by EC Regulation 214/2014.


e12 - charging system

Range and Charging models - We use a Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFeSO4), currently the safest and more used cell technology. By uses in a range up to 300 km/day, the overnight charging and a standard battery pack are sufficient. For range above 300 Km the operator can choose to make partial recharges with short stop or use bigger battery packs.

MORE THAN 2500 CYCLES CHARGE - cycle life expectancy), that is almost 5/6 years old and the complete battery recycling at end of life.

Possible Charging models:
- Overnight charging (slow charge): e.g.100A (40 kWh) = 5/6 hours (*)
- Fast charging: e.g. 200A (80 kWh) = 2,5 hours (*)
- Boost-Charging (ultra fast charge): e.g. 500A (200kWh) = 1 hour.

(*) The Internal or External battery charger is included.

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Dimensions (L W H) 11.980x2.500x3140
Net-Weight 12.500 Kg (with Batteries)
Total weight / GvW EU 18.000 Kg
Drivetrain 120/240kW,1100/3600Nm, asynchronous AC-engine, efficiency 93%, water-cooled incl. regeneration (kinetic) of brake-energy
Brakes WABCO, dual-circuit pneumatic 4-discs-brakes + E-brake, Parking brake: storage spring parking brake.EBS (including ABS, ASR)
Suspension Pneumatic suspension WABCO/ECAS with kneeling-level-lowering
Tire Michelin 275/70R22.5, 6+1,Aluminium alloy wheels rim
Air conditioning Roof-top plant / electric, 20kw heat pump
Heating Roof-top plant / electric, 25 kW heat pump
Doors2 double doors, MTS door management (release by driver) - Door-opening buttons on the inside and outside.
Windows Tinted Windows: sides / rear
Seats Seating according to customer’s request. Design to be agreed
Driver seat VDV standard driver-seat (Continental)
Other Halogen headlights. nternal LED lightening. Electronic display board in the front, rear, side and inner of the bus. Reverse monitor. Stop teller.


Drive Motor 120/240kW,1100/3600Nm, asynchronous motor with controller, water cooling.
Battery LiFeSO4 single cell 90Ah/3.2V.
Single cell battery management system, thermal containment, intrinsically safe.
Total capacityup to 314 kWh (242, 270 and 314 kWh package optionally).
Energy Consumption approx. 1,1 kWh/km.
Electric Air PumpScrew pump 3KW, max. air pressure 10 bar.
Elec. Steering Pump15L/min-1000rpm, 2.2/4.5kW.
BMS -Battery Including battery box & BMS. LiFeSO4 single cell 90Ah/3.2V. Total capacity 314 kWh
Charger Independent charger, 75~125KW.