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COACH Services and Supplies

Multilingual audio system

ticketing systems

A guided tour system with multilingual diffusion, consists of three elements:

The script recorded with description of places and translated into the languages most popular. The hardware, consisting of a control unit which manages more audio sources and media, and the wiring for the diffusion of the signal. The Software to create and play one or more tours.


The multilingual digital system is a complete system for the management and the diffusion simultaneous and coordinated of 8 or more languages. The system allows passengers to enjoy the tour choosing one of the 8 or more languages ​​directly in their place Thanks to a multimedia module which connect your hygienic disposable earphone, made with recyclable packing and non-polluting materials, in according to EU guidelines RoHS/2011/65/CE.

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COACH Services and Supplies


We are specialised in supplying earphones in bulk for sightseeing applications but also boat tours and airplane use.
We trade more of earphones each year and the benefit of our purchasing power is passed on to our customers to remain ultra competitively priced.

Standard lead length is 1.2mt/1.4mt Various colours to match your corporate image.
Bespoke printing of name/logo on the earphone or packaging.
Year contracts with CIF deliveries that can be split to reduce stock holding.

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COACH Services and Supplies

FLEET Monitoring

Supply and installation of a detection unit on each vehicle. Software on-line for management and maintenance service. The software allows the vehicle location on the map, indicates the speed, time, distance traveled, engine rpm and other data.


The monitoring system provides the following features:
Constant two-way link between the bus and Operations Centre (by GPRS or exceeding standards if supported) for communication of information.
Real-time location in the Operations Centre of vehicles on the territory to improve co-ordination, security, management.
Two-way messaging and alarming; integration with custom applications (for example. integration with ticketing systems and electronic banking, etc.).

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fleet management
COACH Services and Supplies


The system, easy to use by staff, enables management of data and statistics on sales and transported. The management is also possible in real time, through the frequency management of data transmission from the terminals. The system is based on handheld devices, equipped with non-volatile memory, able to contain the data even of whole months, lcd touche screen color, thermal printer, complete management software.

ticketing systems The new PDA ALL INCLUSIVE - Touch-screen, Printer, Camera with flash, Scan Barcode/QRcode, Keypad, 2 Usim slot, SD slot, phone Umts, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, G-Sensor, Pinpad for MSR card, IC card, Contact Less card certified European Banking security standard, and other features.

The system also includes software for the administrative management of the ticketing interface with accounting systems. The system is composed by:
On-board units (handheld computer), to issue tickets (paper and / or electronic), complete with bay battery charger.
Centralized Software system to collection and management of tickets issued, reference tariffs, statistics, accounting, etc.., to install both external hosting both domestic housing.

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ticketing systems