Over 150 Km range

The real challenge is precisely to open a real electric motor drive, with solutions which can ensure the full use of vehicles throughout the business day then cover at least 130/150 km for day.

Replace Endothermic Engine

Our plan calls for the operation in center towns (areas in which the use of the car or transport vehicle does not require long distances), for the very reason that, already today, there are solutions that can replace endothermic engine vehicles and hybrids.

Full access in the towns

We can expand the concept of the city center in all those areas of cultural or recreational interest centers, such as historical scity center, archaeologists extended sites, environmental parks, large natural shopping centers, etc. All these sites are natural users of new systems of mobility to the fruition and the enjoyment of tourists and citizens.

The key is "INNOVATION"

In today's world, where the society is constantly evolving, also thanks to the research of innovation technology, we are witnessing the birth of many new concepts and, consequently, the need for appropriate responses.
From these necessity of appropriate responses, it generates demand for further innovationthat also involves the area of new mobility systems.
Compromise solutions or similar to current models, add nothing to the existing traditional mobility systems.
To innovate means to grow, evolve, make available to the customer new proposals and new systems combining the best of the offerings will allow to introduce new management methods and new targets, particularly by incorporating the forces who arrive from new concepts of "environmental protection" and "social friendly".

KEY Concepts

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Zero Pollutions

What can be the contribution and the momentum that comes from Europe Go Green Project?


with the implementation of a concept as simple as the contribution to the reduction of air pollutants;


with the reduction of waste by implementing simple rules to encourage recycling even in vehicles.

Vehicles with low environmental impact and attention in vehicles themselves asking customers to help us in sorting at the appropriate small waste that are generated, however, during the day of sightseeing, food waste, waste paper, bottles and plastic containers, disposable caps, etc..

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Recyclable Materials

All this by using materials on board as possible recycled. For example using for all paper products, cards derivation recycled or activities of forest cultivation, water-based inks biodegradable, reduce the use of plastics for packaging of products distributed on board, etc..
These objectives, as they are a powerful tool for communication and marketing, must be pursued and practiced by the companies themselves also ensure that no adverse effects return, in case of non-application of these rules, the customers are always the first to perceive attitudes not comply with the stated!

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A barrier-free mobility, accessible and usable by all people, from all.
This is the formula that should guide us in the construction of our products and disbursement of our services.
Make the guided tours of the historic centers or archaeological areas or environmental parks accessible to all, whether they make mobility difficulties, or are young or old, or are families with children.
If we can achieve this, really contribute to the economic, cultural and social development of our territories.
Make known our history and discover our locations by using our concepts, our products, our services, means promoting "tourism for all" a methodology underused but the potential is really interesting.

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Respect and Civility

A choice symbol of respect and civility. In this sense, we intend to go beyond the traditional concept of social tourism to fully realize a tourism for all who consider finally the tourists with special needs as customers in all respects.
For this we must seek strategies of collaboration with associations, cooperatives, etc.. that they can give their contributions in terms of experience and knowledge of the problems with two objectives: to acquire knowledge and skills, to cultivate the perception of our service and therefore increase the commercial potential of our partners.